Learn to walk in the Supernatural life EVERY Day

Who is our God? Yahweh, Yehovah, or however you will say it, and Yeshua, Jesus, is His Son, who send us His Holy Spirit to be with us to help and to guide us into all truth. Not just New Testament truth. All truth.

Is He natural or is He supernatural? Our God is a Supernatural God. All about Hims is supernatural. When we interact with Him, we are tapping into the Supernatural of God. Every time you pray, read or witness, help others in Yeshu’s name, you are doing the supernatural. The supernatural is being released into the atmosphere.

You don’t have to believe in the infilling of the Holy Spirit to release the supernatural of God. It helps in my opinion. Every time you do anything of the spiritual exercises mentioned in the word of God, you are releasing His supernatural presence and powers. Every time you are reading a scripture out loud, you are reading out the Covenant manifesto of God, and all powers has to listening to it. And fear.

This is why I use the word supernatural in front of my teachings that I offer on this site. Also a lot of my writings will be using the word in the titles.

Our lives, including your life, should be full of the supernatural, because that is the confirmation that God is at work in your life. Supernatural are all those things we would never be able to accomplish on our own. All that which is ourt of the ordinary for a human being to make to happen.



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